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Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text to octal, hex to text, base64, urlencoding/decodin  v.2.0

to octal, hex to text, and binary to text text conversion software Software! Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text, base64, urlencoding/decoding

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to bina  v.2.0

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to binary plus much more! Urldecoding/urlencoding too!

Dimensional Units Conversion  v.Alpha

Dimensional Units Conversion is a simple and useful tool built using the Python programming language that can be used to convert different measuring units. Now you can use of this handy instrument to convert from one unit to another in no time at

An Integer Conversion Application for Noobs  v.New

An Integer Conversion Application for Noobs was designed using the Java programming language to help you convert numbers to different numbering systems. All you have to do is input the integer number you want converted, select the base system and

Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion Editor  v.2.0.1

Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion Software: Gimpel3D converts single images or frame sequences into stereoscopic 3D using a combination of traditional approaches and a proprietary projective 3D modeling system. The user works in true proportional 3D

InDesign Automator Action Pack for Leopard for Mac OS  v.3.01

This action pack extends the power of Automator in Leopard with 20 actions for use with Adobe InDesign! - Add Pages to InDesign Documents - Close InDesign Documents - Export InDesign Documents to PDF - Find and Change Text in InDesign Documents -

Msg to MBX conversion Utility  v.1.0

Msg to MBX conversion Utility is a simple application htath was designed in order to help you transform text (.MSG) files into the .MBX Unix mail file format that is used by popular mail clients like Eudora or Netscape Messenger.

Adobe Indesign Calendar Wizard  v.3.11.29

The Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard was designed as an Open-Source, Javascript extension that automatically adds calendars to an InDesign document. It's been developed to be very flexible in creating calendars, laying out the page, and adding common

Online Metric Conversion Calculator  v.1.00

Online Metric Conversion Calculations using only your web browser without any additional software. Works in any web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.

TM Desktop Metric Conversion Calculator  v.1.00

Metric Conversion Calculations using using simple and light-weight desktop utility. Works on every Windows OSed personal computer.

Dynamic Currency Conversion by preCharge  v.1.0

Increase your international user base instantly. preCharge offers Dynamic Currency Conversion for your website. You can now instantly give your customers the ability to convert any price on your website to their home currency.

Desktop Conversion Software Finding Client  v.1.00

Desktop Conversion Software Finding Client. Simple utility helphing to find an appropriate software to convert the file from one format (extension) to another

Electric Car Conversion  v.1.0

Electric Car Conversion Help Guide ebook for Internt Explorer. Toolbat will help guid you through the Electric Car Conversion process with websites that deal with Electric Car Conversions. Electric Car Conversion is a growing trend. There is lots of

Sports Betting Odds Conversion Calculator  v.

While a good number of online sportsbooks these days allow patrons to change the format that odds are presented in; not all do, and there's still circumstances in which you'll need to crunch the numbers yourself.Our simple odds conversion tool spares

Adobe InDesign CS2 Update  v.4.0.5

Adobe InDesign CS2 software combines extraordinary production power and creative freedom with innovative cross-media support. Through its integration with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat software, InDesign CS2 helps you produce printed

Adobe InDesign Long Document Performance Updater  v.2.0.2

When text is reflowed in a document in Adobe InDesign, (for example, by adding text to a story or placing a frame with text wrap over a story), the text may be slow to recompose if the story contains a large amount of text. The Long Document

Adobe InDesign Photoshop Import

An updated Photoshop (.psd) import filter is now available for Adobe® InDesign® 1.5.2. This filter offers enhanced support for importing Adobe Photoshop® 6.0 (and earlier) files, including RGB, CMYK, LAB, Index, grayscale, and bitmap images. On

Adobe InDesign Excel Import  v.2.0.2

When European number separators are used in an Excel spreadsheet (for example, "1.234,567") and the spreadsheet is placed into an Adobe InDesign 2.0 document, the number separators are imported

Adobe InDesign Installer Updater  v.2.0

Adobe InDesign Installer 2.0 Updater fixes the following:Enables you to install InDesign 2.0 onto Mac OS X, version 10.1.x systems without receiving the error "An Error Has Occurred Which Prevented the Installation from Completing."Enables you to

Adobe InDesign Text Update  v.2.0.2

The Adobe InDesign 2.0.2 Text update includes the following fixes:If text contains characters with varying fonts and/or point sizes and optical kerning is applied to the text, the spacing between characters will be correct.If optical kerning is

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